Claire loves to embroider animals and birds.  Creatures often find their way onto Clarence Cole handbags and purses.  Working with animals brings out a cheeky side to Claire's humour.  Most people have an affinity with animals, our pets often bring out the best in us.


"Good Morning Mr Magpie"

Digitized and free machine embroidery with hand sewing.
Hanging made for the Madeira competition over the garden gate.

"one for sorrow 
two for joy 
three for a girl 
four for a boy 
five for silver 
six for gold 
seven for a secret
never to be told"

Claire loves magpies because of the superstition around them. They are thieves and will take bright shiny objects to decorate their nests. They got their name magpie from eating carrion hence the old name maggoty pie.

Claire uses the computer to digitize small creatures like butterflies or birds. It is not cheating each area of stitch needs to be plotted.  Using the computer taught Claire a lot about how to build up embroidery and how stitch direction or length affects the finished design. 
The magpie is a good example of this technique, his plumage was digitized to give a smoother finish then more detail was added with free machine embroidery.
It is fun to capture the personality of an animal
like Claire's dog Candy.
my doggy
Close up of a fox embroidery appliquéd
onto a velvet bag designed
by Claire for her Clarence Cole brand.